Dina Marie Joy Interior Designer Bay Area and Central Valley

My name is Dina Marie Joy, Interior Design Rendering Expert.  I have been in the field of design for over twenty amazing years, and I still love it! We are a Full Home Interior Design Firm specializing in 2D Drawings on AutoCAD and 3D Renderings. I love creating spaces that tell a story, employ a WOW factor, and beautify with age just like all of us. 


"Break the Rules," is my motto!

Silly Facts:

  1. Obsessed with organization
    I am completely obsessed with organizing everything and oh yeah it must color coordinate.

  2. I Love Netflix Sorry, I can't hang out tonight; I have a date with Netflix.

  3. I love Nail Polish
    I change my nail polish almost everyday. You know, it has to match my outfit.

  4. My Secret - I want to be a DJ
    Shh...don't tell anyone! I have a secret passion to be a DJ. One day I am just going to shock my family and bust out the DJ equipment. Oh yeah!

  5. I change my furniture and my handbags all the time.
    Every girl loves handbags, I am sure you can relate to this. The furniture thing is completely my issue!

"Work hard, stay humble! Keep your head, heels, and standards high!"

My Experiences:

  1. Interior Designer -
    I have a Fancy Degree in Interior Design. Here is me bragging...I have designed many NFL, NBA, and MLB Players Homes. I have done small jobs and I have done huge jobs. I love each one for their uniqueness.

  2. I have owned a Boutique.

  3. I am a mother to Four Cuties.

  4. I have been happily married for twenty years.

  5. I have wrote for Three Magazines. Bluff Living, Bluff Life Magazine, and Figarden Magazine.

  6. Not only have I being designing homes but I have designed a Foster Freeze in Hollister and many Fresh Choice's in the Bay Area, a little Italian Restaurant in Downtown San Jose and two Retail Boutique Stores in Clovis and Fresno.

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