My San Ramon Client - Great Room Design

Well Hello,

Today I am sharing my clients Great Room Design. You can see a little of the process that goes into the designs here.

First - I had to measure the space

Second - I look at their Pinterest Boards and Created Some of my own Pinterest Boards

Third - The client went out and bought a sofa, so now I have to work around that sofa. (sometimes this happens and you just have to roll with the punches)

Fourth - I started drawing the room out, then I placed furniture in the room. In this paticular room, I could not change the Fireplace, the Windows, or the TV placement.

Fifth - Start shopping and create an Idea Board for furniture.

Sixth - Put all this together and send it over to the client.

Here is what some of it looks like...


My San Ramon Client's Greatroom designed by Dina Marie Joy.
Console Table
End Table
Nesting Tables.
Area Rug
Coffee Table
Light Fixture

Now we will wait to hear back from the client and see what they have to say. I will give you an update on this project soon!

Embrace Your Brand Style,


Dina Marie Joy a Vacation Home Design Expert.