Consultation with Dina Marie Joy

Interior Design Consultation with Dina Marie Joy

Do you need to bounce style or room layout ideas off someone? We are here to help! Book a 90-minute consultation with Dina Marie Joy in person or on Video so we can address your design ideas and questions. Here’s what’s included:

  • Evaluation of your current space(s).
  • A complete review of what your style is, and what your needs are.
  • A review of your budget and timeline.
  • Review of your inspiration images. (Prepare ahead of time)
  • Ideas on paint colors and finishes.
  • Take inventory on what you will keep for space(s).
  • Ideas to put in your space(s), furniture, fixtures, lighting, appliances, etc. 

$450 — limited number of spots available per month — Contact me to set up a time!