3rd Week - The Joyful Home Project - The Monday Zone

Today, we are starting the 3rd week of the Joyful Home Project. For our 3rd week we are creating what I call The Monday Zone. What is The Monday Zone?

The Monday Zone - The Joyful Home Project

The Joyful Home Project. 3rd Week is The Monday Zone at www.dinamariejoy.co

What is the Monday Zone? I created this for me a few years ago and it has been a life saver in so many ways. I purchased the organizers and labeled them My Monday Zone. My entire family knows what this is.

My family is a family of 6 and every day we have paper coming into our life. From mail, to bills, to school papers, to notes. All in all it is a lot of paper. Therefore, I have this accordion file that is labeled and everyday if someone has something that needs to be looked at, filed, or signed - my family puts their paper, form, mail, and or bill in its appropriate file.

I don't even look at this file until Monday. I sit at my desk on Monday morning and I go through My Monday Zone Accordion File and I process all the paperwork that needs to be done. I do this on Monday instead of Sunday because I still want to have a nice Sunday. Sunday to me is still the weekend. If you would rather do this on a different day, that is totally fine. Some people like to set up their week on Sunday and do all the things, but for me once again Sunday is for relaxing. I don't want to think about my week until Monday.

This is the set of Accordion Files I use…You can purchase it here

The Joyful Home Project by Dina Marie Joy. www.dinamariejoy.co

Let me know what questions you might have and make sure you share your pictures on Instagram using #thejoyfulhomeproject

Have a great week,

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