5 Hosting Tips for your Vacation Home

Are you thinking about buying a vacation home for short term rental? Or maybe you are a proud owner of a Vacation Home? Either way, today I bring you some hosting tips for being an amazing Host. This is part of a new series I bring to you each and every Tuesday.

I have 5 Hosting Tips for your Vacation Home Today…

5 Hosting Tips for your vacation homes by Dina Marie Joy Vacation Home Expert. www.dinamariejoy.co

Provide Makeup Towels -

We all know that makeup a lot of times stains our towels and if they are white, good luck getting that mascara or red lipstick off. I am recommending you provide some black or dark colored small makeup towels for your guest and have them labeled maybe with embroidery that say “Makeup.”

Provide Makeup Towels for your guests in your vacation home. www.dinamariejoy.co
Makeup Towels for your Vacation Home. www.dinamariejoy.co

Implement Leave a Book Take a Book -

I highly recommend you implement my idea of Leave a Book Take a Book. What is this? While it is great that you are or will be supplying books to read, a lot of times your guests don’t finish the book and what better way of saying thank you, buy allowing them to take the book as long as they leave a book too. I also suggest that you leave a note in all your books with your Leave a Book Take a Book Program and the name and address of your vacation home. I recommend this because they will pass this book along to someone when they are done and now that person knows about your Vacation Home and now you have created an opportunity for another person(s) to book your house for their vacation.

Leave books for your guests at your vacation home. www.dinamariejoy.co

Soap, Shampoo, and Conditioner Refill System

It becomes very expensive when you supply those little shampoo and conditioner bottles. A better system is to purchase a Wall Mounted Refill System and keep the refills under the sinks. You can purchase the supplies in bulk, to keep the price down. The system I love is this one

Shampoo and Conditioner Refill System for Vacation Home. www.dinamariejoy.co
Vacation Home Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap dispensers refill system. www.dinamariejoy.co

Personalized Notes

Guest love when you leave personalized notes for them when they arrive. I don’t just mean a note on rules either. Take the opportunity to leave personalized notes all over the house. Share with them some history of the house or maybe some fun and inspirational quotes. Notes of appreciation go a long way. Leave them in a drawer, on a side table, on a blanket, wherever you know they will see the note and get excited that you were thinking about them.

Leave notes of inspiration for your guests in your vacation home. www.dinamariejoy.co

Add Vintage

When you are putting together your vacation home, don’t forget to add vintage pieces. Vintage pieces add a since of history and are very relatable to your guests of all ages. Sometimes guests will remember growing up with a piece like the one you have in your vacation home. Go to garage sales, estate sales, and thrift stores near you and purchase a few pieces. Ask questions about the history of the piece.

Add vintage pieces in your vacation home. www.dinamariejoy.co

There you have it, 5 Hosting Tips for your Vacation Home.

Dina Marie Joy