Fresno Flash Makeovers

Fresno California Interior Design by Dina Marie Joy. Fresno Flash Makeovers, come home from work to a new styled home.

Hey there,

I am very excited to introduce to you Flash Makeovers in Fresno, California. This is something new we are starting this year and we are so pumped about them. If you live in another city and are interested in this service, just send me an email, I might be able to assist you - I am just focusing on Fresno right now. Fresno is on the Zillow/Trulia’s list this year as the #6 place that people will be moving to. So if you live somewhere else and are looking for an investment property, call me now - I will help you make this happen.

Fresno, California the place to move to in 2019.

What is a Flash Makeover and specifically what is a Fresno Flash Makeover? Explanation coming! I purchased a house in Fresno last year and I discovered what a great city Fresno really is. I mean, I might not want to share this with everyone, because we don’t want everyone to move here and disturb the perfect traffic conditions we have right now. Right?!! I bounce back and forth from Danville, to Monterey, to Fresno on a weekly basis. Now that I have this house in Fresno, we decided to go all out with design/styling in Fresno, and we could not be more excited to help you with your home.

A Flash Makeover is when we come and style your home in eight hours while you are at work and when you come home, it will be like you are walking into a Vacation Home, or a Hotel, or a Model Home. Sounds exciting, right!!! We use everything you have in your home, we just style it differently. You might be wondering how in the world can this be done in eight hours? Well before we schedule the Flash Makeover, we meet with you and start the planning and we also take inventory on furniture pieces you have and give you recommendations on furniture, art, decor, and accessories that might need to be purchased. And don’t worry, we do all of that for you, we just use your dollar bills.

So now you want to know how much this is and you also want to know if you can get on the wait-list.? Yes, there is a wait list. It’s not long yet, so call now or email me on your lunch break. The pricing is amazing. Our Flash Makeover’s start at $1995 (are you kidding?) no, I am not!! This is such a deal. Basically doing a Flash Makeover takes about 40 hours of my time. From the meeting, to the planning, to the shopping, to the admin, and then for the installation and final reveal. My hourly rate is usually $150.00 an hour so you can see that a Flash Makeover is a $4000.00 savings. You better call or email now, to get on that wait list. This would also make a great gift for a new home owner, or a wedding couple, or a new baby arrival, or just because.

Here are some Flash Makeover Pictures…(I will keep adding as we take pictures)

Fresno Flash Makeover by Dina Marie Joy.
Fresno Flash Makeover by Dina Marie Joy.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Dina Marie Joy