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6 Ways to Create a Holistic Home That is Totally Worth Trying

What lesson is life trying to teach me, you ask? Your life is always speaking to you. As Oprah says your life speaks to you at first in whispers, then it's like getting a brick upside the head. 

What are the whispers in your life? Listen to your intuition and yes listen to those whispers. 

Dina Marie Joy


Is it necessary to have crystals, Foo Dogs, and Red Front Doors as Feng Shui teaches us? Red is a lucky color in Feng Shui but what happens if you don't like Red? Does that mean if you don't use Red, you are going to have bad luck? For example, you are trying to create this Holistic Home that makes you happy whenever you are there and you study Feng Shui and you discover that you should have a red front door because this will bring you great luck. Well if you don't like red you are going to feel unhappy when you walk through the door and there goes all that good luck energy you are trying to create. When you walk into your front door you are going to get quite the opposite, negative energy because you don't like red and red makes you feel miserable.

What is a Holistic Home? And how would you create a Holistic Home? A Holistic Home is how you can live a healthy, balanced beautiful life by addressing your mind, body, and spirit in your home and yourself, as Laura Benko discusses in her Book, The Holistic Home.  Your home is the connection of your space and yourself and how you dwell. One might say you need to decorate with intention. Laura Benko says, "The physical aspects such as furniture positioning, design elements, green living, wellness, and organization pertain to the body. The spirit covers the invisible energies, the Feng Shui, the atmosphere, your karmic lessons, and the soul of your home."

As I always say--- this goes without saying these approaches (I write about) can be used for your home or your vacation home. Your Holistic Home will not have a particular look that says, "hey look at me I am a Holistic Home" - it will rather be created and morphed organically. If we are thinking about your Vacation Home and creating a Holistic Home this would be a place that feels right, the energy is good, and the aesthetics all work together harmoniously.  In your very own residence, this would mean where you not only create great energy and flow but where you feel inspired, where you create memories, where you feel happy and balanced and where your home reflects your life goals and your health goals. 

6 Ways to Create a Holistic Home That is Totally Worth Trying - Your own Residence

1. Create a  Sunday Basket - Click on this link for a great way to get your paper organized and listen to this Podcast about the Sunday Basket. 

Great Sunday Baskets  to purchase.

Great Sunday Baskets to purchase.

2. Welcome Change in your life and your home - rearrange that furniture, change the decor every season, mediate, journal, do and live with passion.

3. De-cluttering

Ways to DeClutter your Home

4. Add nature into your home

5. Position your Furniture - never have your back to the door. Create conversation areas with your furniture placement. 

6. Your home needs Soul - your home should be cozy, clean, and should always looked lived in. The perfect Instagram photo of a home is just that - it's not reality. Live and breath in your home. 

6 Ways to Create a Holistic Vacation Home That is Totally Worth Trying 

1. Clean and Simple

2. Create an unbelievable entry into your home

Entry  that is inviting, clean, and dramatic. 

Entry that is inviting, clean, and dramatic. 

3. Bookshelves filled with Mind, Body, and Spirit Books

4. Add nature into your home

5. Position your Furniture - do not place any furniture so your guests back are to the door. For Example, in the bedrooms, the beds should face the entry of the door. Create conversation areas and create great places to take naps. Encouraging napping on vacation is a must. 

6. Tell your guests about your home (the backstory and all the love that went into creating it) and ask them to share a memory with you about their stay in a book

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Dina Marie Joy