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How one Airbnb Owner is flipping fresno into a vacation opportunity


An Airbnb called The Sierra Lodge is located in Fresno and is by far the most beautiful place to stay while visiting Fresno, California.

Who would have thought that having an Airbnb right here in Fresno would be a thing? Well, guess what, it is.  If you are from Fresno or you have lived here for a little while, you have probably discovered that Fresno doesn't have any upscale Hotels. And where does a family stay that is larger than four people? The answer is Airbnb.

I have been asked to design several Airbnb homes now; mostly in the Bay Area and due to the demand, my husband and I decided to turn our Fixer Upper into an Airbnb. As your resident Interior Designer, I am going to share with you in the next few months all that went into this Airbnb. It was a total labor of love and we could not be happier with the results. When we first bought the home we thought we would fix it up and sell it, then we decided to rent it out for a year, and then we made the full commitment to turn it into an Airbnb. This was no easy task but now it is available on Airbnb and VRBO. In fact if you are reading this and you have family coming to Fresno and maybe you don't want them to stay at your home or maybe you don't have room for them, just go to my website www.dinamariejoy.co and click on the link to look at our Fresno Airbnb or you can search it on Airbnb or VRBO in Fresno with the name of The Sierra Lodge.  

Before Pictures of the Sierra Lodge
The After Photos of The Sierra Lodge. A vacation home in Fresno California. Designed by Dina Marie Joy.

So stay tuned until next month, when I reveal more pictures and share with you the process. 

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at dinamariejoy@gmail.com. And for more design inspiration visit my website at www.dinamariejoy.co. 

Embrace your Brand Style,


Dina Marie Joy Interior Designer.

A Beautiful Trendy Room for your Vacation Home

Guest's Demand Attention to Trends...

A Beautiful Trendy Room for your Vacation Home Designed by Dina Marie Joy.

As your resident Vacation Home Interior Design Expert, I want to share with you a great way to keep your guest's happy and sharing your Vacation Home with the World. Keep it simple but keep up with the trends. This Vacation Home on Airbnb, VRBO, and Homeaway screams sexy, sophisticated, and instantly famous on Instagram.  That is what you want! 

The style is what I would call Vacation Modern Mod Glam and it can be yours too.  I wanted to incorporate Gold, Gray, and Acrylic and I think this room screams SEXY! What do you think?

I have included all the links to these items at the end of this post.  You could also have them in your Vacation Home too.  

disclaimer - this post does contain affiliate links

images from ModShop

An Acrylic Bed for your Airbnb designed by Dina Marie Joy.
A Bench at the end of the bed for your VRBO or Airbnb. Designed by Dina Marie Joy.
A Gray Dresser with Acrylic Handles for your Guest Room at your Vacation Home.  Designed by Dina Marie Joy.
Every Vacation Home Bedroom needs a Side Table with Drawers so your guests can leave all their personal items in a safe spot. Designed by Dina Marie Joy.
No Vacation Bedroom is complete without a Desk. And look at this one. Designed by Dina Marie Joy.
A Guest Bedroom Chair to complete the look and a great chair to use at the desk. Designed by Dina Marie Joy.
Dina Marie Joy